Hi, I’m Sarah, graphic designer and founder of Watermark Creative and a human being trying to understand other human beings.

I’m fascinated by the subconscious mind particularly in relation to how we are influenced and make decisions out of our awareness — something I think we should all be made aware of!

Given my art and design background I’m particularly intrigued by what we see or rather what we think we see with our eyes.

It’s not so many hundreds of years ago that beyond the naturally occurring world the only imagery that ordinary folk were exposed to on a regular basis would have been on the walls of a place of worship — now we are totally bombarded! The printing press brought us books, newspapers and leaflets, packaging for our food and goods has become an industry in its own right and in the last few decades screens with constantly changing images have invaded every corner of our towns, work places, homes, pockets and handbags.

We are more visually literate than ever —  though we may not realise it — we absorb, sift, and respond at lightning speed to all this data and amazingly it is mainly without a conscious thought.

Visual communication matters — we may like to tell our children otherwise BUT we do judge a book by its cover!

So this blog is an attempt to pull together some of the fascinating, funny and eye opening titbits I find on my travels round the internet and beyond. I want it to be a resource for all of us interested in this area so please join the shoal and send me links to anything relevant.

I’ll try and post about once a month but don’t hold me to that!



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